Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.  If your assessment indicates a need to improve your reporting or re-design your human resource policies, well, those aren’t really in our wheelhouse. We'll connect you to someone in our expansive professional network who can give you the help you need. If, however, your assessment indicates a need for improved fundraising practices or a strategic plan or perhaps, better marketing materials, then we're the team for you!  Read on to learn more about our services and the targeted support we provide for our clients.

Integrated Fundraising and Communications Plans & Timelines

You need a cohesive plan to reach lots of different donors in lots of different ways.  Appeal letters, events, on-line giving, grants, partnerships, etc… it’s hard to know where to begin when creating a development department and devising a strategy.  We work with you to identify the types of fundraising and outreach that will work for you now and be building blocks for the future.  Fundraising and communications and marketing are not separate endeavors, especially in small to mid-size nonprofits, and the activities that support these endeavors can’t be siloed.  Integrated, reality-based plans that build on your current resources as they increase your organizations’ function—that is what you need to grow!

Organizational Restructuring and Position Searches

More often than not our recommendations include a plan for growing your organizations fundraising and communications function and that includes adding or reorganizing staff. What skill sets exist and which ones need to be added?  Where are the redundancies in your org chart? What does your job announcement say about your organizations goals and values? We work with our clients to ensure they are maximizing their payroll and growing their staff strategically. Whether you are searching for a new Executive Director, Development Director or part-time Operations Coordinator, we'll help you pinpoint - and articulate - what you need to support growth.  We pride ourselves on using the most up to date avenues and innovative methods to market your position and bring you the largest pool of potential candidates. 

Messaging and Marketing Materials Part One: Telling Your Story

If your staff and board can’t deliver a clear, enthusiastic case for supporting your organization, then you’re never going to make it.  Your core language—the way you explain what you do and the impact you have on your community—is the biggest tool in your toolbox and it’s time to give it some attention! We can help you with:

  • Message articulation—including cases for giving, elevator speeches and succinct, powerful donor language.
  • Story banking—Gathering and crafting impact stories to illustrate your work and highlight the unique importance of your organization.
  • Implementation coaching—so that your finalized ‘core language’ is woven into every facet of your communication plan and aligns fully with your strategy.

Messaging and Marketing Materials Part Two: Dynamic Design

Do all your materials need to be slick and flashy?  No.  But they do need to be professional, attractive, fun to read, clear in purpose and easy to grasp.  You need to grab your audience and keep them engaged and you don’t have much time to do it.  Our graphic designer extraordinaire, Emily Marsh, will showcase your message and your impact like no one else can. 

  • Website Design & Development—We work with you to organize your content and fully integrate your mission, messaging, and impact to create a clean, modern site.  We use WordPress and Squarespace exclusively to ensure that your organizations’ staff can easily update and control the content.  After all, what’s the point of having a website if you can’t make changes easily?
  • Logo & Identity Design—Having a powerful and cohesive look and feel that is aligned with your message is key to building a brand and donor recognition. 
  • Infographic Design & Data Visualization—We take your data and use it to create stunning visuals that communicate content accurately, clearly and beautifully.  Innovative and easy to grasp charts, graphs and infographics communicate your impact to your donors thoughtfully and efficiently. 
  • Donor Materials—including annual reports, appeal letter inserts, sponsorship packages, Mail Chimp templates and so much more.

Board Development & Trainings

An engaged and active board of directors is key to a nonprofit’s success.  Amsden Consulting works with executive staff and board members to align organizational goals with board member expectations.  Whether we’re showing staff how to make the best use of board member talent or training board members to be better advocates for their organization, we’re here to help you build the most effective board possible.  Like all volunteers, board members want to know that their time is well spent and their efforts are having an impact.  Amsden Consulting will help you build a healthy, productive board that provides the leadership and vision your organization needs.  

Retreats and Trainings for Your Board or Staff

Over here at Amsden Consulting, we aren’t much for sitting through long, boring seminars. Our trainings and retreats are fun, interactive and engaging. We don’t ‘tell’ our participants to go raise more money—we take the time to show them how to access their network in a way that makes them feel comfortable, build relationships without feeling like they’re going for someone’s wallet, and share their enthusiasm for your organization to grow your reach. When participants leave, they are inspired, empowered, and have solid plans for individual activities they can engage in to raise awareness and funds for your organization.

Transition Planning & Crisis Support

Is your organization prepared for a loss or crisis? Many small to mid-size nonprofits already have a tenuous hold on their sustainability and a transition or crisis can hit hard. Whether it’s a blow to your funding, a loss of leadership or a damaging public relations situation, we help you develop messaging and communication plans for donors, sponsors, staff, board members and the public. Our wide breadth of experience means we can offer sound advice and get up to speed quickly. Our professionalism means you will be guaranteed the confidentiality that is crucial to sustaining relationships with donors and sponsors. Having expert guidance in times of crisis will provide you the objective, practical planning and support that your organization needs to get back on track.

Campaign Planning & Support

For many nonprofits, the addition of a capital campaign or other special development effort to their current and ongoing fundraising can be overwhelming. Amsden Consulting specializes in campaign planning and support for nonprofits, including those organizations that have small or non-existent fundraising staff. It’s all part of our integrative approach to incremental growth that helps your organization build its capacity.  We help organizations set achievable goals and provide them the tools for successful campaigns.

Facilitating and Creating Strategic Plans

Simple truth: thriving nonprofits have a robust strategic plan. Your board and staff need to be on the same page about your mission, your future goals and your growth strategy.  We work with nonprofits to guide them through the strategic planning process to ensure that the end product is relevant and achievable.  Can it be time consuming? Yes. Is it necessary? Absolutely!  We'll make the process fun and take the organizing, research and writing off your hands. 

Giving Strategies for For-Profit Businesses

Our team loves working with for-profit companies to help them align with mission-driven organizations and leverage these relationships to maximize the positive impact on their community. Nonprofits truly value long-term partnerships with small and large businesses and can provide many benefits in return. It’s not just about making donations or providing discounts, it’s about building a mutually beneficial partnership that can provide volunteer opportunities for your staff, marketing exposure for your products, and strengthen both your brand and that of your nonprofit partner. 


Heather’s insightful assessments are based on a thorough review of documentation, thoughtful questions in her interviews, and solid experience in the field. Her reports are excellent foundations for building action plans in organizations that are seeking to move forward.
— Janet E. Schulte, Ph.D., Executive Director, Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce