Does Amsden Consulting ever skip the assessment?

We mostly work with clients by assessing their needs, creating a path and then beginning to layer on projects.  However, there are situations where a nonprofit is perfectly poised to move forward with a specific project or has already identified their needs with prior planning.  A short chat with you can usually help us figure out if skipping the assessment is an option for your organization. 

What does fundraising have to do with marketing?

Trying to separate marketing from fundraising is like trying to separate food from cooking.  You need a refined message, core language, and cohesive, dynamic materials that tell your story and reinforce your brand—then, you’re ready to fundraise.  Proper planning ensures that you are competing for donor dollars on the highest level and will keep you from feeling—and being—stuck.

Is it possible to build organizational capacity without more staff?

No. Not really. You certainly want to ensure your staff is being productive, but underpaying staff while overwhelming them with tasks—especially tasks that fall outside their skill set—is a sure path to staff turnovers that cost money and time.  It’s old thinking to assume that staff will work for nothing because of their commitment to the cause. The cost of living simply makes that impossible. You need skilled, competitively paid employees who are consistently provided with enrichment opportunities to increase their ongoing value to the organization and enable them to grow in their position.   

But we need more staff to fundraise and have no money for more staff.  Help!

That’s what we are here for. We know the way out of that exhausting cycle and can you show you how to build your organizational capacity one step at a time.  Call us today. 

Heather was able to analyze our organization from multiple perspectives, help us set realistic goals, and create and manage a plan (for our capital campaign) that kept us on task. All the while she was cheerful and fun to work with!
— Toni Genovesi, Director, Parents’ Nursery School