Replace chaos and confusion with practical, prioritized plans for growth.


We hear it all the time: without staff we can’t raise money and without money we can’t hire staff. The ‘Catch-22’ of capacity building. But there is a path out of that depressing cycle and we can show you the way. Whether your fundraising is stagnant, your marketing isn’t reaching your donors or you just aren’t sure if you’re organization is headed in the right direction, we’ll help you figure it out. We are nonprofit professionals, deeply invested in our areas of expertise.  We know how to implement best practices and where to find the answers to your most overwhelming challenges. Amsden Consulting specializes in working with small to mid-size nonprofits; we understand the many unique challenges they face. Our years of experience have made us adept at efficiently identifying organizations’ strengths and weaknesses and helping them make prioritized plans that get them moving towards their goals.

We are passionately committed to the work of nonprofits and believe that it is the most important work being done in our society.  Nonprofit organizations should be funded as well as any for-profit venture, but with that mandate comes responsibility.  If you think your organization is ready for a good hard look at itself, if you are tired of other organizations winning the competition for donor dollars and if you are ready to start implementing some proven practices in place of just ‘hoping’ things will get better, well then, that’s why you need us.  Amsden Consulting is ready to help you with all your challenges. 

Her high energy, positive attitude and commitment to social services make Heather a pleasure to work with.
— Monika Montrymowicz Development Director, The Guidance Center